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Bringing back the memories

Every village had its green
On which the young and old would meet.
But beneath the flickering gaslight
Folks would gather in OUR street.

It towered through the decades
And circled in its glow
The laughter and the heartaches
Of some folks we used know.

So, if you will allow us
To light the lamp tonight
And bring back to you some memories
To sadden and delight

We’ll also try to bring to life
The years before our time,
When weavers kissed the shuttle
And others stood in line.

But most of all, we hope
You will learn something of YOUR past
And join in our nostalgia
With the songs that make it last.

So we’ll come out of the shadows
And step into your view
With stories and with humour
We’ll sing our songs for you.

(Words by Gary and Vera Aspey (c) 1982)

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